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Webber Media buzz was started in Sep 2009, when Deepak Mehra, an SEO expert,came up with an idea to share information related to upcoming and viral news as well as events online through an entertainment website "Finder6.com".

It was the starting point of the revolution, after Finder6.com a lot more websites were created and introduced to provide breaking headlines and information related to entertainment, lifestyle, beauty tips, fashion and humor and much more.

Over last couple of years, we had been successful in creating a respectable platform for ourselves in digitally-connected by delivering high-quality insight and information to readers across the globe. With our consistent team efforts and undying determination, we have been able to establish a stabilized online platform and a good rapport in 2016. Throughout these years we learnt a lot, encountered few letdown, however we kept our spirits high, worked hard and we were able to overcome all obstacles.

In May 2016, two intellectual and innovative minds, Mr. Deepak Mehra and Mr. Rahul Singh decided to join hands and came up with another striking idea of hosting Webber Media. Our popular flagship brands such as Zeepfeed, Vines9, Candadshine, and saaledostkothanksboltahai, to name a few provides the online readers with topics covering breaking news, lifestyle, fashion, politics and much more.

Webber Media is the Internet media group that is run by highly talented, passionate and effective individuals including Vinod Mehra, Nitin Mehra, Jitender Singh and Vikrant Singh closely working together to make their dreams come true.

We are a bunch of self-motivated people who are managing their portfolio extremely well and are closely knitted as a team.

We believe in creation and distribution of genuine and engaging content for the global audience.Innovation is our passion, and we aim to stay committed to our work when it comes to publishing of high-quality content.
We work in close cooperation with our team of intellectual and witty writers who are passionate about communicating their personal viewpoints all by making content more engaging. Our team leaves no stone unturned to provide a robust storytelling platform to share informative data that indeed is crucial for someone out there. With the help of social influence, we consistently work hard work to make Webber Media the best social news and entertainment platform in the world.
We see ourselves growing into the best social news and entertainment platform in coming years, as well as wish to simplify the Way the World Lives, thinks, Works and Earn.
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We are an affiliate network and provides our publishers a social/web media advertising platform that enables publishers to promote what they like and engage their audiences.

Publishers from across the globe provide us online traffic from their social media profiles & websites. We provide these publishers a platform to share our website (Zeepfeed.com) content on their social profiles. We pay back these publishers as per the online traffic diverted from there social media profiles or websites.

Our prime objective is to provide the best Publishers solution that can help you building strong market image. We continue to find the most advanced solutions to keep up with fast-paced consumers and the ever-evolving nature of the Internet. Whether you're an advertiser who wants to reach more customers, or a publisher who needs to earn surplus revenue, our experts are there at your disposal to accomplish your business objective.

SEO Services

Want to be rank in the first page of the organic search? WE CAN HELP YOU REACHING THAT HIGHPOINT, ALWAYS. Fluctuations happen and algorithms vacillate all the time. Staying on top is the key, which is where we, as an experienced SEO company in India, come in. Our belief is that search engine optimization is not just about playing with keyword phrases, but a lot more than that. It gives businesses a massive opportunity to expand their digital outreach, to create and recreate, invent and reinvent, and make Google Page 1 their own. As one of the best SEO agencies, that’s what we aim at and strive to deliver.

While there are a number of SEO firms which are just driven by keyword ranking game, we go a step ahead to leverage organic rankings with traffic generation and social media presence.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media creates a buzz and is an inexpensive way to reach out and assure a never ending stream of targeted web traffic. For garnering the benefits of social buzz, youneed trending, quirky and relevant graphics and content to attract the audience, and that’s exactly what we excel at.

We can help you with:

  • Facebook, Twitter and Youtube promotion
  • Drive qualified traffic and help you generate quantifiable sales leads
  • Help you expand your horizon on different social media platforms.
  • Introduce your brand in the market and engage with your social fan base in minutes.

Digital Media Buying

Building a powerful standing in rapidly revolutionizing digital spaceactually meanssecuring a strong footing across all online platforms, be it paid or organic. It also signifiesmaking use ofseveral online marketing frameworks with well-defined objectives.

The most critical of all is conveying the right message across the targeted audience. And this is what we strive for by incorporating an optimized audience targeting mechanism inour PPC campaign management, Google remarketing, affiliate campaign management, and other digital media buying processes.

Although digital savoir-faire is quite imperative, we believe that understanding human behavior is definitely crucial for brands when they really want to reach pinnacle with consistent and determined online efforts. That’s why we don’t just monitor but humanize our campaigns.

We truly believe a majorchunk of digital platform is about recognizingthe tastes and preferences of your target audience and meeting their expectations. And this is the driving force behind all our online campaigns, be it pay per click, banner advertising, or display promotions.

Customer Review Management

Customer reviews help your business gain credibility and social proof. They influence consumers to trust you and to want to do business with you. Platforms like Tripadvisor, Zomato and Mouthshut.com have empowered individuals to give real time feedback. For companies, every feedback/comment, whether positive or negative is an opportunity to listen, take action and build a strong and long-term relationship. We take pride in the systems and processes we have in place, to ensure that there is immediacy in your reactions online. We help prove to your customers, that you care.

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